Wright & Dalbin Architects thrives to incorporate the concept of “sustainable and green architecture” and “high performance buildings” into its building designs and renovations.

We have been proactive in following best practices in energy efficient design for the past several years by supporting early participation of all parties in the project, and promoting natural passive design approach, building science and material and systems technology.  We understand that sustainable site planning and development, water and energy use efficiency, conservation of material and resources as well as indoor environmental quality are most important to the life and optimum use of any facility.  The large portion of the value is impacted at the basic design phase.  This can be accomplished at no or very low first cost and will bring long-term savings and quality to the owners and users.  Although we worked using this philosophy there has not been measuring standards for the majority of building owners or users.

LEED: Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

In the last few years the US Green Building Council has developed sets of guidelines and standards for Green and High Efficiency Buildings and provides various levels of certifications.  Although LEED certification may not be a requirement from most clients, following the standards and requirements will provide a good basis for sound design and construction.

Wright & Dalbin has provided similar design and construction administration services for the US Army Corps of Engineers for the Professional Development Center in White Sands Missile Range.  Although the Owner did not apply for certification, the project was designed and constructed in accordance with a LEED Silver certification level.  The project included inclusive and participatory programming and design phases as well as carefully planned construction, materials and methods used.

Wright & Dalbin Architects has always promoted energy efficient designs through implementation of Best Practices.  As active members of the American Institute of Architects we are starting to carry out various initiatives.  These initiatives include:

Sustainable 2010 and 2030 to implement building design and construction with 50% reduction in C02 footprint by 2010 and 100% by 2030.

Every project in our firm is now designed following the standard USGBC LEED Certification rating system, using LEED for New Construction Version 2.2 Reference Guide. Although none of these projects will be certified at this time, our intention is to start promoting a standard formula to our clientele so as to promote sustainable and green design and construction.

Both Frederic Dalbin and Geoffrey Wright are LEED Accredited Professionals from the US Green Building Council (2007).